Anonymous asked:
Top five big things in Australia.

Ahahaha I like it!

  1. The (Big) Little Ayers Rock/Uluru (it counts!)
  2. The World’s Biggest Sundial (so cool)
  3. The Big Merino (been there!)
  4. The Big Banana (go random Australia!)
  5. The Big Gold Panner (memories)


  1. the-final-summoner said: Is the Little Uluru the one you’re talking about the one thats on the Highway?
  2. itsyackobie said: There is also a big trout. They recently re-painted it. It’s all silver now.
  3. thehighwayaisle said: I’m so disappointed you didn’t mention the Big Prawn in Ballina
  4. exzactly posted this